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Rabbito – A Game for Pushy Rabbits – Roll The dice, Push The Carrots and rake Them up! a Fun, Family Wooden Game for Kids or Adults Ages 5 to Adult Leave a comment

Price: $38.79
(as of Aug 13,2023 08:56:28 UTC – Details)

Rabbito (pronounced; Ra-bee-toe!) Is a delightful roll ‘n’ run family game of competitive carrot rustling for 2 to 4 players. As spring turns to summer, fresh juicy carrots are popping up all over the carrot patch, and there’s nothing the local rabbits love more than to bounce, steal and burrow to build the biggest stash of their favourite tasty treats! It’s every rabbit for themselves in this delightful new game for rabbit lovers everywhere, simple to play, perfect for kids or adults. Think coin dozer, tipping piont and carrot grabbing tabletop gaming fun. One of your five-a-day board games
Push as many as you can down the warren holes
Gather them up with your special rabbit rake
Outrun and outwit your opponents
Shove your rabbit rivals down the holes to send them home and steal their carrots
Be the first bunny to fill your burrow and live hoppily-ever-after!

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