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This is probably the most controversial, yet Highly beneficial letter you’ll ever read…

Forget About “The Secret”, “Law of Attraction”, “Chakras”… They demand too much from you.

Death Scare Forces “Hard Luck” North Carolina Man To Discover The Easiest Way To Bend The Universe To Your Will And Achieve Any Major Goal In 45 Days or Less!

(The World’s “Most Influential Groups and Manifestation Gurus” Have Deliberately Kept This Secret!)

  Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)

As I turned the doorknob only to be met with an eerie silence…

I had no iota of a doubt my worst fear had finally come true.

And I wasn’t wrong at all.

I walked by the table where I found the note she left for me.

“I’m sorry, James, by the time you see this, I’ll be gone. I hate the thought of you being alone right now. But I can’t keep going on like this. The stress, worry and arguments had become too much. This isn’t the life we imagined together. I need a fresh start. We both do. I think in due time you’ll see this as the best decision for all of us. I hope one day you can forgive me.”

I fell to the ground and I curled up on the kitchen floor, tears streaming down my cheeks.

The muscles in my throat could barely move…

My body was overtaken by sadness and pain that won’t let go.

I had never felt so scared in my entire life.

My life is finally over and there is no mistaking about it.

I was just coming back from work with a heavy heart…

Thinking of the best way to let the cat out of the bag that I’d just been laid off…

I never expected to meet an empty home.

My wife and my beautiful daughter were gone.

I had never felt so alone in my 41 years of existence.

My health took a nosedive… 

I was feeling weaker and slipping off with each day that passed…

My life was in complete turmoil.

Not gonna lie, I had suicidal thoughts a lot of times.

Maybe I was better off just seeking peace in the grave.

Everything I cherished went really bad on my watch.

However, this is not a sob story – not by a long shot.

It was one of the most disturbing and horrifying experiences of my life…something that still gives me nightmares to this day.

However, it was at this same time I realized if I really wanted to live my life in abundance…

It was up to me to manifest it.

No one was coming to lend me a helping hand.

This is what sent me on a completely unexpected and life-threatening journey through the dark underbelly of the most powerful, most influential, and connected top-level groups in the world…

A journey that opened my eyes to the sick, predatory, and ultimately deadly secrets of these manifestation gurus with their long robes.

And that would eventually lead to the discovery of the “missing link” blocking you…

From bending the universe to create the perfect life in every dimension for yourself and those around you.

It’s a method that’s based on breakthrough research conducted by a team of neuroscientists at Emory University.

All it takes is a few focused minutes a day to apply these “secret principles” to remove these blocks stored in our DNA.

And you better believe it is something extremely easy to do.

 It doesn’t take hours and hours of dedicated practice or training. It’s something you can do almost instantly.

It’s not based on positive thinking… 

Or those long and complicated yoga, Crystals and Chakra-Specific meditation sessions that require a monk’s level of patience, dedication, and expertise “normal” people like us don’t have.

It’s crucial that you know that what you’re about to discover has been selfishly left out in The Secret and the Law of attraction.

Don’t be surprised if you find a few things counterintuitive.

Now in the following 5 minutes… 

I’ll tell you exactly how you can experience a full turnaround and flood abundance beyond bounds into your life…

Create unlimited wealth, health, and experience such a deep connection to your “source”.

Starting as soon as today…

No matter who you are or how old you are.

I’ll give you all of the research to support my claims…

And I’ll even show you the simple, inexpensive steps you can take right now to tap into the mother universe…

So you can watch your worries melt away like ice on a sunny day in Miami.

And see all you’ve always wanted magically materialize right in your presence.

Taking that long overdue vacation…

Total financial security so that you never pass another restless night wondering how you’re going to pay the bills… 

A luxury car that’s so new, that you feel intoxicated by the smell of fine leather every time you open the driver’s door…

A life with purpose, deeply connected relationships, abundant health, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

It’s important you read this message now while you still can.

Because as I write this…

A group of highly influential and dangerous people has taken offense in letting this secret out.

I have received multiple threats to pull it down… No kidding.

It’s not a matter of whether I can fight them off… they’ll always win.

The odds are in their favor.

It’s a question of how long would it take before they finally have their way.

They don’t want there to be more people like Jyoti Xander who says… 

When I first heard about your manifestation hack from a friend, I was highly skeptical about it. I thought it was just another overhyped manifestation trick from gurus.

After reading your message about how you got divorced, lost your job, your struggle with failing health, and all the scientific backings behind your solution. I decided to try it on my “unstable” business.

Well, I simply can’t believe how fast my business can be soaring again. It is the perfect solution for my business James! Thanks for sharing.

And Jessica Ryder who says…

“I used to live under constant anxiety with fears that kept me from reaching the state of abundance my soul yearns for.

Within just a few days of trying your manifestation method, all my worries have melted away. I feel very confident and optimistic. I no longer suffer from anxiety.

I go through each day feeling connected to my essence.”

Now I’ll give you all of the details on how it works in just a second. 

I know you’re probably curious who I am, and how I discovered a way to let all the negativity out of your life – 

and flood your body and soul with positivity and optimism.

Like I just mentioned, my name is James Irvine.

 I’m 41 years old and live just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina.

 It all started around one year ago. Back then my life seemed like it was on track. I had a beautiful wife and daughter, a nice modest home and a great office job at a bank a few kilometers away from my house.

But the truth is, underneath that surface, I was hiding a secret, something I was ashamed for friends and family to know.

Despite outside appearances, my finances lay in ruin. Each month was a heart-wrenching struggle just to keep food on the table for my family.

At times, I felt like I was sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand…soon my head was about to be swallowed whole.

I mean, it’s one thing to be young and struggling when you don’t have a family and your entire future is still ahead of you.

But as you start nearing 40, 50 and beyond, you begin feeling like time’s running out and your window to live your dreams is closing. 

Maybe you’re in a similar place right now.

You feel stuck, maybe even caged in by growing debt, a lack of income and few opportunities to get ahead. 

Even though you try to stay positive…

You often feel worried even guilty because you have little or no savings, no 401k and no college fund for the kids or grandkids. 

And without that cushion…

You live in constant fear because you know the next emergency is just around the corner.

If it’s not the car giving you trouble…

it’s the water heater or the air conditioner, or God forbid and unexpected medical bill. 

I mean, you can only go on living like that for so long before you feel completely drained and defeated. 

I remember when I first got married to my beautiful wife Jess and seeing the light in her eyes when we talked about our future. 

Just like any average family, our dream was to climb the corporate ladder and hopefully become financially free. 

But the reality was that climbing never happened. 

Heck, I’d barely gotten off the first rung and I could feel my lack of success was in some way pushing Jess away. 

She was withdrawing from our relationship. 

I feared I was going to lose her forever.  

This desperation and complete misery led me to begin working harder than ever to get ahead.

I started waking up at the crack of dawn to be at the office early. 

I was determined to be the first one in and the last one to leave.

 I worked as hard as you cannot imagine and forced my way to success. 

Then after months of 16 hour days, an opportunity for a big promotion opened up…

 I thought this was my break. 

After all that hard-work and late nights in the office, I would get rewarded, right? 

A few weeks later I was called in for a meeting where I was given the worst news in my career – I was being laid off. 

The only thing I couldn’t face were my wife’s eyes filled with tears and disappointment… 

This is what made me feel crushed.

 I always thought of myself as a superhero for the family…

But now I couldn’t even provide the basic needs for them.  

I didn’t have the smallest clue how we were going to make it…

But I still believed in all my heart that we get through this in a way or another. 

We always had. But this time, things were different. 

I came back home. I’m looking forward to my little girl running towards me…giving her daddy a big hug. 

But when I opened the door, I was met with an eerie silence. 

All their belongings are missing. 

And I got hit with a deep sinking feeling as I realize my worst fear is coming true. 

Then suddenly I see a note.

“I’m sorry, James, by the time you see this, I’ll be gone. I hate the thought of you being alone right now. But I can’t keep going on like this. The stress, worry and arguments had become too much. This isn’t the life we imagined together. I need a fresh start. We both do. I think in due time you’ll see this as the best decision for all of us. I hope one day you can forgive me.”

When I read those words, it felt like someone stabbed me with a knife right into my heart

I fell to the ground and I curled up on the kitchen floor, tears streaming down my eyes. 

My body is overtaken by sadness and pain that won’t let go. 

At that moment, I had never felt so alone in my entire life. 

I really thought my life was over. 

What’s the point of living without a family? 

Without the only people that actually care for you?  

Now, what happened next, I have no way to fully explain. All I can say is that…

As much as we may not feel like it, you are never alone.

The universe is always there to support you!

And when you’re ready, the right people will come into your life to guide you forward towards your destiny.

In my case that person arrived at the moment I needed it the most. 

After my wife left… I spent half of the time wallowing in self pity…

And the remaining… actively looking for a headway in life.

One day as I was drinking at the bar in my neighborhood as a new found habit…

I met someone I hadn’t seen in a long time, an old friend named Kevin.

Now he and I were a lot like each other… the same age, same neighborhood, similar education and both started working at the same company around the same time. 

But here’s the thing…

While I worked 16 hour days struggling to inch up the corporate ladder…

He seemed to “rocket at the top” with little effort. 

And nope, it wasn’t because he worked smarter than me. 

At first, that’s what I thought too… 

“Okay, he’s a very intelligent and smart person. 

This is why he is more successful than me. Simple” 

Nothing Could Be Further Away From The Truth!

Somewhere along the way I got the courage to ask the big question on my mind. 

“How’d you do it? What’s been your secret to success?” 

I told Kevin about everything I was going through…

My experience with guided meditation, chakras, yoga and all…

I told Kevin everything because I’ve had enough.

That’s when he drops a bomb.

He tells me that his life wasn’t always so easy. 

Growing up, he had a father who didn’t love or support him.

 After high school, he’d struggled to find work and just get by. 

But then one day, his life changed forever. 

He ran into a mutual friend of ours, a guy that went way back to our old neighborhood. 

Kev actually knew this guy better. 

Only this friend wasn’t like all the other guys who came from where we lived…

 He had quickly become a millionaire…

And probably the most shocking part was how he did it. 

As he taught Kevin, his success all came from some very powerful “secret principles” of manifestation that go way beyond the law of attraction.

A Discovery That Was Still Being Studied By Researchers At The Emory University…

But Will Never Be Revealed To Ordinary People Like You And Me!

A secret that the most influential, successful, and powerful groups of the world jealously guard…

And the same ones that manifestation gurus will NEVER talk about because it fixes all your problems.

So Are You Ready To Discover More About It? 

You know that manifestation has become quite popular from books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction  

But the thing is that numerous people claim that they’re disappointed, annoyed… 

And believe it or not, I even know people who thought that the friends who recommended these books are crazy 

And you know why that happens? 

Do you know why millions of people around the world wish they’d never bought these books in the first place? 

No, it’s not because they didn’t think consistently and passionately enough to bring that desired thing into fruition…

Or they’re operating against the natural flow of the universe… 

It’s because these people got the wrong message from these books.

Imagine for a second a starving family in a third-world country being told to “think” about food all day long.

Will the universe provide it for them? 

Of course not! The honest truth is…

We’re not 100% in charge of our destiny…

 We cannot create our own realities by just Thinking Positively.

A guru might have said that if you fail, it’s entirely your fault because “your vibration is too low”… 

Or “you’re not in the vortex and you still have doubt which blocks your manifestation”. 

That’s absolutely not the case. 

So are you ready to learn the real reason why manifestation, affirmations, the law of attraction, positive thinking, abundance mentality, power of intention, and so on, won’t work for most people? (that might be you) 

The Secret Is Hidden Deep Inside Our DNA Structures!

That’s why it is so difficult to take control over it… (until today, if you do as I’ll show you in a moment) 

No guru has been inquisitive enough to find out how our DNA could have been preventing us from harnessing the power of positive thinking, meditation, and others.

The very few ones who have seen this research?

They don’t talk about it because of how dangerous it could be to their lives and businesses.

Right now I’ll reveal what exactly is blocking you from getting what you want in life and career…

That all these spiritual gurus with their long robes and fake “namaste” smiles are too afraid to say 

I’m risking my reputation and maybe even my life by exposing it, so please listen carefully.

I pleaded with Kevin to tell me why my life was in shambles…

and what I could do to get it back on the right track.

He smiled and showed me the study.

Apparently, neuroscientists at Emory University conducted a “weird” experiment. 

They taught male mice to fear the smell of cherry blossoms by associating the scent with mild foot shocks. 

Two weeks later, they bred the male mice with females. 

The resulting pups were raised to adulthood having never been exposed to the cherry blossom’s smell. 

But when they suddenly did, the results were absolutely shocking. 

These pups had the same terrified reaction to the smell of cherry blossoms that the father had…

Even though they never felt the floor vibrate in their lives.

They found that genetic markers, thought to be wiped clean before birth…

Were used to transmit a single traumatic experience across generations, leaving behind traces in the behavior and anatomy of future pups. 

The study, published online Sunday in the journal Nature Neuroscience…

Adds to a growing pile of evidence suggesting that characteristics outside of the strict genetic code may also be acquired from our parents through epigenetic inheritance.

In the photo: Dr Ksenia Skvortsova – Garvan Institute of Medical Research 

Epigenetics studies how molecules act as DNA markers and pass on one or both of our parents’ traumas into our bodies.

Epigenetic / DNA Markers Is The Reason Why Some People Seem To Have It Easy While Some Of Us STRUGGLE!

We pick up these epigenetic markers during our lives and in various locations on our bodies as we develop and interact with our environment. 

Look, I know that might sound confusing.

Fears And Traumas Are Passed Down From Parent To Children  

This is proven by some powerful studies on humans…

Which suggest that children and grandchildren have felt the epigenetic impact of traumatic events such as famine, the Holocaust, the Sept. 11, 2001 and terrorist attacks. (*Research paper published on May 2018 from National Institutes of Health)

Why do children lucky to be born to really affluent homes rarely struggle to get by?

Their DNA markers are set to attract wealth, use it…

And not fear or have a scarcity mindset towards money.

Your beliefs about money, love, success …

about having what you really want in life…

are all based on conditions that run in your family line.

You might be dealing with the same concerns of failure and success as your great, great, great grandmother did a century ago…

That turned into YOUR beliefs about what is possible for YOU in YOUR life without ever knowing it!

That’s why, for most people, all the books about manifestation and the law of attraction just won’t work.

It’s extremely difficult to change our DNA using the power of the subconscious.

So by nature, we’re gradually accepting limits and settling for less as we grow older.

As Kevin walked me through studies upon studies proving how DNA markers affected our lives…

It was Like I Had A Light Bulb Flick In Me!

Growing up, my parents weren’t well-to-do.

I come from the average family.

My father owned a moderate-sized farm that produced just enough to feed our family of 5…

And my mom never really had a stable job.

I spent most of my childhood with my parents complaining about money…

And how hard it is to come by.

This is part of what fed my DNA markers and turned them on to attract debt.

If you’ve been using the Law of Attraction and manifestation in your life without seeing the results you want…

you may be tempted to give up and dismiss it as something that works only for certain people.

That is true because of our DNA markers…

But don’t let all of that discourage you.  

In fact, the latest studies on epigenetics say you can change your reality…

And wipe your DNA markers clean of any negative traumas you have stored in them…

So you can finally start living the “perfect” life you deserve.

At this time, I was salivating for the answer to my trouble already.

I adjusted my sitting position and listened to what Kevin was about to say next.

And as you already know, the Law of Attraction will respond enthusiastically to both of these vibrations or thoughts in your mind. 

The universe doesn’t decide which energy is better for you…

It just responds to whatever you are creating, and it gives you more of the same. 

You receive precisely what you put out there in return.

At this time, I was salivating for the answer to my trouble already.

I adjusted my sitting position and listened to what Kevin was about to say next.

And as you already know, the Law of Attraction will respond enthusiastically to both of these vibrations or thoughts in your mind. 

The universe doesn’t decide which energy is better for you…

It just responds to whatever you are creating, and it gives you more of the same. 

You receive precisely what you put out there in return.

So let me assure you: The Law of Attraction is always working for you.

NEVER believe anything else

 The issue isn’t that you’re unworthy or that you’re asking in the wrong way.

 As we explained earlier, the problem it’s much deeper, and apart of it resides in our DNA.

But does it mean that it’s outside our control and we cannot do anything about it? Absolutely not.

There Are Two Ways To Clean Up Negativity In Your DNA Markers…

The first one, which you already know…

Is by using daily affirmations, journaling, and listening to different “attract wealth” audios or any other method discovered since the 19th century…

When manifestation first entered the public consciousness. 

This is what 99% of people who are fans of the law of attraction know and follow. 

It works, but it requires a lot of time…months, years, and sometimes decades, to reprogram your DNA…

and finally eliminate those limiting beliefs which have infected you for many, many years.

These Limiting Beliefs Affect Your Ability To Create The Life You Want In The Same Way That A Computer Virus Disrupts The Normal Operation Of A Computer. 

And I say years because we’re constantly consuming negative content in our daily lives.

We’re constantly being “infected”

We get these negative viruses from all around us every day…

As soon as we open the TV, multiple channels start feeding us with a ceaseless barrage of bad news.

Robbery, 401(k) problems, fraud, death tolls from a disease, relationship turmoils, massive crypto dumps, Ponzi schemes… and a host of others.

Don’t get me wrong, television certainly has much to offer, and without a doubt is a great innovation… 

But when it comes to relying on it, whether to be informed or entertained, it can certainly affect our brain negatively. 

They promote a world that is dangerous and must be feared with all fiber of our being.

You’ll also receive messages that affect your sense of worthiness, such as that you need to look a certain way to be loved or that you need certain items to be cool. 

As you can see, every day, we’re being misguided and brainwashed by culture, media, and television 

The result of all this negativity is that our dreams are getting further and further from us.

Coupled with our DNA markers…

our sense of hope and inspiration is being replaced by anger, mediocrity, and insecurities.

That’s a big reason why ordinary affirmations and the law of attraction as is hasn’t worked for you.

But that’s not the only source of our problem…

Another important player is…

Events that are painful or traumatic instill in us, ideas that are meant to keep us safe but actually confine us. 

If you’ve been duped in love or business, for example, you might have picked up a virus that says, “People aren’t trustworthy.” 

If you have seen a very close friend or relative lose all they had to a business and the dire consequences they faced…

You may have gotten the virus that “Businesses are risky ventures.”

Acting on this mindset may prevent future betrayals…

But it will also prevent you from taking advantage of incredible chances that could flood abundance into your life.

Hanging out with toxic people

This is the type of “virus” which can do the most harm. 

Toxic people can affect our sense of self and identity, damage our self-esteem, and even lead to feelings of depression and/or anxiety. 

If an important person in your life is always putting you down, you’re getting direct criticism. 

For example, it can feel that who you are or what you do is never enough in a toxic relationship. 

When you hang out with people who are financially struggling long enough…

You’ll get the virus and start having problems with finances.

No wonder why influential people hang out with people who are like them.

When we assume others have more power, intelligence, or control than we have…

We can become infected with “viruses” transmitted by the messages they send us.

Viruses of this type frequently alter our perceptions of ourselves as deserving and capable.  

So, what can we possibly do now?

What’s the easiest way to “reprogram our DNA” into destroying our limiting beliefs and encoding Abundance Into Our DNA Markers…

So We Can Aim And Actively Attract More As We Grow Older? 

You might be thinking right now that you’re stuck… 

That if your DNA markers for wealth and success are turned off

 you’re trapped in your life as it is now…

Or your only hope is to keep doing what you’ve been doing that will take decades of your life.

But nothing could be further from the truth. 

Just as computers can be wiped clean of viruses so they perform more efficiently…

You Too Can Rid Yourself Of The Viruses That Are Interfering With Your Frequency And Repelling The Things You Want Most To Attract Into Your Life.

And yes, we’re all meant to do amazing things in life.

We’re all meant to be happy, healthy, and wealthy

We just need a little guidance in our path…

Or more specifically a few “secret principles” which we can learn really fast in order to unlock the greatness within us…

And wipe our DNA markers clean until there truly is nothing that can hold us back anymore.

Kevin warned me to not take these principles lightly.

The reason why so many gurus are not talking about these principles that will allow you to manifest anything you desire in the quickest way possible… 

Is because they want to keep selling you their next book or program.

What’s the point if they gave you the exact principles of manifestation and you manifested anything you’ve ever wanted, right away?

Kevin Shared These “secret principles” With Me… And My Life Totally Changed

Remember I told you how I was fired from my job instead of getting promoted?

After the first three weeks of applying these principles…

I got a call one afternoon and it was from my former boss.

He spoke as if they made a mistake firing me…

And he immediately asked me to come back to work and get the promotion I deserved.

I was really excited to turn him down because I had already gotten a better offer somewhere else.

The constant anxiety I used to feel magically disappeared and I’ve become very optimistic about the future.

This has shown in the way I think of myself and how I connect with other people.

My enthusiasm just flows into everything I do…

and doors have since been opening in places I thought were not meant for people like me.

My wife and I have such a deep connection that you’d NEVER believe we’ve ever had rough times in the past.

Everything just seems to be going smooth as butter.

I’m proud to announce that my debts have been completely cleared including my wife’s student loan…

We’re massively padding our retirement nest egg every month…

Because we both have enough coming in.

Now, I’m Really Excited To Share These Principles With You… So You Can Use Them To Attract All You Want Too

You don’t need to wait 10 years for the universe to respond.

I got all the results I’ve ever wanted within a year. 

Wanna Know How It Works And How It is Totally Different From Everything You’ve Been Told?

When Kevin had me start this unbelievable journey…

I had to forget all about The Secret and the Law of Attraction… and go against all the rules… 

As a fan of stoic philosophy and the law of attraction at the same time…

I didn’t know what to believe.

Kevin made me see that if I kept practicing positive affirmations…

hoping that they’ll manifest in the real world just like most people do… 

I’d be going against all the rules of stoicism which tells us to live the rest of our life preparing for the absolute worst. 

Just like darkness is comforting at times but terrifying during others…

One philosophy is insightful at times but ludicrous during others.

The key was to find balance.

Balance Between Stoicism and The Law of Attraction is The Only Way To Free Ourselves From Traumas Encoded in Our DNA

He made me walk the border between stoicism and the law of attraction. 

Often, going back and forth between the two. 

To be honest, this approach seemed far too complicated and I failed multiple times 

The lines between these two started dwindling but I didn’t give up. 

I was determined to get my life back on track and start living in abundance.

I knew I was so close to something life-changing, so I kept practicing over and over again…

I mastered the set of very specific, highly focused principles, as it was not possible to define it by a single law. 

I agree that this approach surrounding stoicism and the law of attraction is highly debatable. 

But if you look closer at the two: Stoicism and The Law Of Attraction 

They have a lot in common –  especially the fact that they both emphasize the power of one’s thoughts. 

While one suggests that your thoughts alone can make you happy…

The other adds a layer of mysticism to it, proposing that thoughts have the power to create the world around us. 

While it’s fine to focus on one and forget the other…

There was no reason to neglect or balance the two 

Or see them as yin and yang, as complementary of one another… 

We know that a balanced life makes you well-rounded, a more creative person, and more productive overall. 

That means you’ll have more ability for success in both your personal and professional life. 

Even if you embrace some stoic and law of attraction behaviors along the way… 

And this is exactly how I successfully unlocked the greatness I had within so I could manifest anything I ever wanted at will.

At first, I didn’t believe that I had finally “cracked the code” … 

I thought it was just luck, so naturally, I repeated these “secret principles” over and over again with different things. 

An exciting job and then a new car and a new apartment… 

Every time it worked. It wasn’t always that immediate…

But it was effortless. It literally felt like magic.

These principles changed my life.

This is when it didn’t seem right to me leaving thousands of people at the mercy of these scammers passing as Law of Attraction “gurus”… 

I asked Kevin if it was okay to share what he taught me in a bid to help the thousands of people out there.

Kevin initially frowned at the idea and exclaimed…

“It’s Too Dangerous James!”

“We’re going to step on a lot of toes if we let this out and the repercussions will be nasty”

“I only shared this with you because we’ve known each other from childhood”

After a lot of back and forth with me literally pleading with James to allow me to share his work…

He Finally Agreed On A Single Condition…

That I would never reveal his actual name and not associate him with this…

When the really dangerous people come for me.

I agreed although my wife is still scared of my decision.

(Kevin is not my friend’s real name because I had to keep the agreement)

I Immediately Got To Work And Did More Research

I wanted to create a systematic way for everyone to learn these principles. 

Over time I began to take notes and consciously formalize these key principles for LASTING success. 

I really wanted to make sure everyone could unlock the greatness within – so I could make an impact in 2021 

I decided to put all of this information together into a single guide

It would have to be so clear that even the most slow-to-learn individual could “get it.” 

It would have to be so basic that it could be readily incorporated into anyone’s everyday routine. 

I first set out to define the parameters. 

Over time, I whittled it down to a few core concepts that were critical to everyone’s success.

People I’ve shown this guide to, have described it as “like finally being able to see the world for the first time.” 

My inbox flooded with messages, asking me for the price of the guide… 

I am working hard and doing my best, but unfortunately, it’s just impossible to reply to every single person 

That’s why I hired some experts who automated the entire process and gave this guide the “final touch” 

In less than two weeks, everything was ready… 

The guide that could turn ANYONE into a powerful manifestation magnet in less than 1 month was ready

And I can’t tell how excited I am for this.

“Freedom Manifestation Mastery – Discover And Live The Art Of Manifestation To Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle”

Even if you think that your DNA markers for wealth and success are turned off… 

And you’re stuck in your life, not empowered with the skills to make your dreams come true. 

This guide is guaranteed to work 

It will provide you with the tools you need to bring your life to the next level…

Yet in an easy and understandable way so that everybody can benefit from it 

After you have finished reading and successfully applied all the “secret principles”…

You’ll see an immense improvement in all areas of your life including health, wealth, and happiness in relationships.

Maybe you currently feel stuck or even caged in by growing debt, a lack of income, and few opportunities to get ahead right now…

Or you often feel worried, sometimes even guilty 

because you have little or no savings, no 401k, and no college fund for your kids or grandkids…

Perhaps you live in constant fear because you know the next emergencies might just be around the corner…

Maybe you feel drained, depleted, and discouraged…

Trapped by fear and anger…

Here’s just a drop in the ocean of what you’re going to discover…

The exact logic you must have in order to take advantage of manifestation in the first place (Hint: The law of attraction will work for you immediately, as soon as you get this).

Why the definition of manifestation according to Wikipedia is not complete – (here’s the detailed definition (Page 6)).

The secret ingredients of manifestation that will eventually lead to living your dream life (Hint: There are only two).

Think manifestation will help lazy people get what they want in life? WRONG! Here’s why it will make things worse instead.

The 7 step process you need to follow so you can achieve everything through your own thoughts (The last one will blow your mind).

How your mind is secretly “tricking” you into manifesting what you do NOT want…and how to turn that around into something powerful.

The #1 reason why manifestation won’t work for some people, and how anyone can “teach” the universe to attract wealth without hard work.

The #1 lesson I learned from difficult-to-solve problems that kept bothering me no matter how hard I tried.

How to make use of a “strange power” in universe which can make your subconscious mind to act on the instructions which your conscious mind sends (Hint: It has nothing to do with dark energy).

How to visualize your goals and desires the right way so you can make them come true.

How to recognize what’s really holding you back from achieving the success you desire … and how to overcome those obstacles within 24 hours!

How intention manifestation can “trick” your subconscious mind to guide you through very specific and exact ways of achieving any goal you want.

3 powerful reasons which prove that manifestation really exists and it has certain effects on human life (backed up by science).

The 3-letter-word you should NEVER think of while manifesting that will allow your mind to explore thousands of ways to achieve something.

I can’t possibly list out everything you’re getting here.

“Freedom Manifestation Mastery” is filled with gems of wisdom which will help you improve your health, wealth and happiness in relationships – all in a single place.

Even if you’re stuck in your life, not empowered with the skills to make your dreams come true…

The Freedom Manifestation Mastery will provide you with the tools you need to bring your life to the next level…

yet in an easy and understandable way, so that you can benefit from it right away.

Before you finish reading this guide…

You’ll have that undoubtable feeling that you’re getting liberated from all your worries.

Many concepts within this guide will work almost immediately (that it will literally feel like magic sometimes) so you don’t need to wait 10 years for the universe to respond. 

But you know what I’m thinking right now? 

Everything happens for a reason 

That’s why I believe that you didn’t find this letter by accident…

In the most difficult moment of my entire life…

When everything seemed to fall apart…

The right person (Kevin) came into my life and changed everything. 

Now… you can take what I’ve already shared with you about the answers hidden deep inside our DNA structures…

and try to find answers to them on your own…

But, I wouldn’t recommend you take that path.

It cost me years from my life to finally discover what 99% of people don’t have a clue about.

You’ll probably never connect the dots and come up with any set of principles or rules just like I did in my “Freedom Manifestation Mastery”  guide.

I’ve literally done the hard work for you.

The steps you should take from now on are easy to follow…

And designed to escort you through the journey of life without any difficulty.

Inside “Freedom Manifestation Mastery”, I start by giving you the right mindset strategies to help you begin seeing the world like the billionaires do.

Your worldview will completely change – just like it did for these people

“We can’t understand how we’ve been living without Freedom Manifestation Mastery. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Freedom Manifestation Mastery.”

Any blocks and limiting beliefs around money, spirituality, and relationships will quickly disappear.

And nope this isn’t magic… (even if it sounds like it).

Remember that I told you, how the law of attraction is always working for you? 

That’s the only “magic” here. 

It doesn’t matter how stuck you feel right now… This WILL work for you, I’m 100% sure. 

You ask (the right way) and receive.

It’s really that simple. 

Plus, I’m going to be there “over your shoulders” every step of the path to support you. 

“Freedom Manifestation Mastery” contains the missing link which is hidden by thousands of so-called “gurus”. 

These “secret principles” are the uncensored truth behind the law of attraction. 

And I believe that if we really want to see the results, nothing should be held back. 

This is why through this letter; I’m offering “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” for the lowest price it’s ever been offered. 

Well, let me put it this way. 

Before I met Kevin… I’ve spent thousands of dollars on programs, books, and audio courses… 

I really thought that those things were the “small sacrifices” I had to make, in order to succeed…

Turns out I was dead wrong. 

Nothing changed until I discovered the “secret principles” behind wiping our DNA markers clean from generation traumas.

At first, they seemed totally controversial…

I mean how can something that goes against all the rules be able to transform my life? 

You see, I am no different from you. 

I was the one that questioned those “secret principles” – But did I give up? 

The answer is a big NO. And that made a huge difference 

For this reason, you really can’t put a monetary value on “Freedom Manifestation Mastery”.

But, you’re not going to invest anywhere close to that amount… 

I’ve decided to peg the price of the Freedom Manifestation Mastery at a price ridiculously low…

Just so money would never be an excuse for anyone dead serious about changing their life trajectory.

Before I reveal this ridiculous price… I want to make this so valuable that you’ll NEVER forget about me.

Here’s What Else You’ll Get With The Freedom Manifestation Mastery Today…

This powerful program lays out the timeless principles that will transform your financial future.

 Inside this classic from Wallace D. Wattles, you’ll finally rediscover after decades how to think like a millionaire…

and then take that new worldview and turn it into real cash. 

Wallace’s classic, The Science of Getting Rich, over a century after it was first written…

Still remains one of the most practical ways to get really rich and wealthy without sacrificing your soul.

This book changed my financial life beyond my own imagination.

It would be selfish of me to not share it with you.

This will be the easiest and most beneficial 50 pages you’ll ever read in your life.

And although the title makes it seem like you need to understand a certain science, that’s not true. 

There’s nothing philosophical or scientific here. 

This is guaranteed to work for you even if you’re unemployed, stuck in a dead-end job, or don’t have any skills. 

When I learned about epigenetics and the truth behind the law of attraction hidden in our DNA…

I discovered that most conventional books, courses, and practices on manifestation, including affirmations, don’t work. 

The good news is that following the simple guidelines outlined in this audio meditation will make all the difference in the world. 

You’ll use affirmations the right way to reprogram your subconscious and tap into your DNA markers like never before. 

When combined with the “secret principles”…

it’s a success formula that will work instantly. 

Here’s how it works in detail… 

“Alpha waves music” was used to create this meditation. 

The frequency range of alpha brain waves is 8 to 13 Hz.

When these waves dominate, your brain is said to be ‘idling’, meaning it is awake, relaxed, and ready for whatever activity lies ahead.

I’ve supplied you with enough texts to read already but I wasn;t done adding value…

So I decided to make this audio so you can listen to it anywhere you are…

You car… Your house… At work…

Plug it in and continue soaking up all the goodies inside.

Use them to bend the universe to your will…

And manifest abundance into your finances.

Access To Private FB Group (Priceless)

Like I said earlier, we’re constantly picking up “viruses” from our environment.

You can’t possibly change your life for the better without first changing your environment. 

That’s why I’m here to help and support you on your journey.

In this FB group, you’ll meet with people who are on the same journey as you…

You can tap the energy in the group and get super pumped to act on the fears holding you back.

You’ll also be able to ask questions and the members and I will personally answer your questions.

The community it’s waiting for you! 

You’ll receive a warm, heartfelt welcome the minute you join when you introduce yourself. 

I promise that all of this will be the elevator to lift you up on your manifestation journey to success. 

If you’re lucky this page hasn’t been brought down by the wolves of the world… 

You won’t even pay half the cost of the bonuses alone. 

“Very easy to use. No matter where you go, Freedom Manifestation Mastery is the coolest, most happening thing around!

After using Freedom Manifestation Mastery my business skyrocketed!”

So… let me ask you…

Travel? Pay the bills? Your debt? The college tuition of your kids? Invest in your retirement account?

 You see, all of that is possible.

 All you’ve got to do is “play a little smarter”, avoid unnecessary expenses and of course click the button somewhere on this page.

You’ll then be brought right away on the checkout page where you’ll receive

INSTANT ACCESS to the “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” eBook.

Today you have the most powerful decision in your hands, and I don’t want you to waste it.

 Just imagine a life where you don’t worry about money and anything you want is only a leap away… 

This guide will teach you how to attract all the money you need for that luxury sedan or SUV…

 or if you’re like me, maybe you’ll go for the Tesla.

Now, you can afford to go anywhere in the world… A romantic trip to Paris, or maybe a trip with your kids and grandkids to Disney World.

Expensive divorce or bills?

The abundance mindset this guide is going to give you will attract all the money you want faster than you can ever imagine.

Looking to change your apartment?

All you have to do is browse the internet and pick what fits your preferences.

“Freedom Manifestation Mastery” has the power to turn all your desires into reality, without limitation.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that.

The days of struggle are gone, together with your limiting beliefs and money worries.

All you’ve got to do is just click the button.

So, go-ahead and join me on this amazing journey.

Here’s one more message I got from Liam Smith who wrote…

“Without Freedom Manifestation Mastery, we would have gone bankrupt by now. Freedom Manifestation Mastery has really helped our business.

Freedom Manifestation Mastery is worth much more than I paid.”

Not too long ago, I was in the same place as you. 

Life was out of my control. 

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next…read another book on manifestation, take a course or find a normal job like everyone else? 

Unfortunately, I was not empowered with any skills or talents. 

I needed a miracle, and the moment I needed it most, that miracle happened to be my friend Kev. 

He put me on a journey beyond my imagination. 

I met with real millionaires, who were crazy successful and knew how to make the law of attraction work for them 

And now it’s the same for you. 

And if… by now… you’re still “on the fence” about whether Freedom Manifestation Mastery is for you…

… or if you should take a chance and invest in this today…

Here’s something that will give you some extra peace of mind…

So if you’re even remotely interested in this powerful program (and I’m assuming you are… if you’ve read this far)…

… then you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving The Freedom Manifestation Mastery a chance right now.

Try “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” for 365 days…

And if you are not completely satisfied, just send me an email and… 

I will give you every penny you spend back!

You have nothing to lose. The risk is on me 100%. 

First of all, you have to read the “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” guide carefully…

 And understand all of the “secret principles” I’ll tap into…

Apply them into your life…

Then, watch as your world shifts MAGICALLY before your eyes… 

You’ll notice how people are responding differently to the new “different you”

Because of the positivity and confidence you’ll radiate… 

Old pain, fears and frustration will disappear…

And opportunities to make more money than you ever have in your entire life will come to take their place…

And most importantly … every desire (no matter how “weird” it is) you’ve been dreaming of, is now turning into reality without hard work.

The universe is going to give what you ask for, in a very short time.

And if not all of this mind-blowing transformation doesn’t happen just like that… 

I want you to send me an email, right away asking for your money back (within 365 days). 

No hassle, no questions asked!

You don’t have to return anything to me.

You’ve basically seen it for free.

That’s how confident I am about my guide “Freedom Manifestation Mastery”. 

To put it shortly, all of this means you get to…

Try it now….and decide if it’s for you only after your manifestations and desires are brought to life. 

All you have to do is press that button somewhere on this page and you’ll be set up.

This Is Your Last Chance

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YES, James! Now I’m Ready

When you look back on your life in years to come…

You’ll discover that it all came down to a few crucial decisions you made… 

Right now, at this very moment, it seems that there are only two choices!

You keep using the basic manifestation methods discovered since 19th century (What 99% do)

You keep trying so hard to make your dreams come true…

Stressed about bills… feeling like there’s something wrong with you

Worried that your life will come to its end and you wouldn’t have lived it the way you should.

No luxury trips to build great memories with your kids… No big apartments and no fancy cars

Before long, your health would start taking a spiral down.

But you don’t have to go down this path because you have another choice.

You Try “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” with ZERO Risk (What 1% do) Listen…

If you don’t like it… if you don’t see the results… then just email me asking for a refund…

And you get it within 24 hours.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. 

Because if you truly want to unlock the greatness within until there truly is nothing that can hold you back anymore… 

Then there’s no reason for you to walk away now.

 I’m offering you a genie lamp… filled with unlimited wishes. 

However, for that price, it’s a no-brainer. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. 

And I wish you all the very best!

Since we’re constantly consuming negative content in our daily lives, that means we’re constantly being “infected” – with negativity and bad news.

This is seriously harming our ability to manifest the good things in life.

 You might have deep-seated traumas that keep you from believing that you DESERVE to make and attract money. 

Here’s where the workbook comes into play.

It’s one of the easiest ways to “reprogram your DNA” into destroying every limiting belief.

Putting pen to paper enables a higher level of thinking, and therefore, more focused action.

And nope, this is not just normal “journaling”.

This workbook contains different exercises and tasks that will hold you accountable every morning. 

It is like taking your brain to the gym and training it to do whatever you want.

This workbook will help you shave a long time off your manifestation journey.

Minus the cost of The Manifestation Mastery Guide itself and the invaluable lifetime support group.

Plus you’re covered by a No-Questions-Asked 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

P.P.S: Remember what research says about DNA markers and generational traumas?

One way to wipe your DNA markers clean of your worries is through guided meditation, chakra balancing, daily journaling and everything you’re probably doing now.

They all work but it will take you decades to get all you want with them.

You wouldn’t have read this message if you feel what I’m saying isn’t true.

The principles I’ve detailed in the Freedom manifestation mastery is like bringing a gun to a knife fight.

You’ll magically turn your life around and eliminate all your worries in a very short time instead of decades…

The bonuses that come with The Freedom Manifestation Mastery are worth more than the price of the total bundle.

And there’s no risk whatsoever to try out these principles.

Will you allow me to help you?

Absolutely not … In fact, what you have been taught about “positive thinking” and other things like unscientific voodoo are absolutely false.

 I’m not one of these guys who is going to stand up and tell you “I’m right and everyone else is wrong! Don’t buy his book! Buy mine!” That’s a tell-tale sign of a charlatan and you should be wary of any who claims to have all the answers while discounting the teachings of others.

 “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” doesn’t replace the work of any of these great men – it just busts the biggest myths in the industry (such as the “instant manifestation method”)

Here are 5 great reasons to invest in “Freedom Manifestation Mastery”

 1)The ideas you learn in this guide can help you succeed in your financial area of life and easily cover the cost of this book.

 2)Your peers would start to notice the difference within you.

 3)You will begin to feel more positive and confident in your life.

 4)Difficult tasks suddenly become much easier.

5)Your relatives would want you to reveal your life’s secrets to them!

Yes, of course. This one of the reasons why I added 4 bonuses along with the core offer.

The workbook for example will make it so simple to stay focused and consistent every day, that you won’t recognize yourself anymore.

 “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” is really something ANYBODY can do, and I know it will work for you just like it has for so many others. It goes way beyond any rules in the manifestation community.

Simply give “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” a try.

 I promise you’ll be amazed by the amazing opportunities that will lie ahead of you in the next 30 days. The days of struggle will be gone, together with your limiting beliefs and money worries.

 You have a full 365-days (1 year) to decide if “Freedom Manifestation Mastery” has met all your expectations. So there’s nothing to lose.

 If the smallest thing goes wrong, just send me an email and I am going to give back every penny back. No questions asked

 So, go-ahead and claim this amazing offer

The answer is it all depends on what you’re trying to manifest.

Most of my students have seen results in the first 30 days of their journey, but anyway I cannot guarantee the same to you.

Here’s an important lesson you’re going to learn in this guide – What you focus on, expands.

 So if you don’t focus on the negative, there’s no reason why it won’t work.

 I’ve seen that most people do the opposite, and you know how I respond to them?

 Hey, but what if it does work? How great your life would be?

 When you ask yourself an empowering question, you can only get an empowering answer. But when you start questioning the entire process and let fear of failure become greater than it should, you only get an disempowering outcome.

Maybe you can’t and that’s okay. But let me teach you something…

 “I can’t afford it”, often comes from a place of scarcity. And this is the type of mentality that block people from making their dreams come true. It’s the reason why some people win and others lose. It’s the distinction between successful and unsuccessful people.

 So please, rethink it one more time and ask a question that comes from a place of abundance. “Can you afford the way you’re currently thinking?”

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