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After 4 years of ongoing nail fungus – and the ugly, crumbling nails that come with it – I thought I’d be stuck with the condition for life.

Yet weeks later my nail health was transformed. This is how I did it…

Want text version instead of video? Here is simplified transcript…

Today I am probably more healthy than I have been since my early twenties. Alert, energetic, and just… well, full of beans!

In particular, my nails grow strong and clean. They look nice. They feel nice. Those are, really very nice!

Which isn’t how it used to be. In fact, I spent about 4 years with really horrible toenails. They were discolored, they hurt – and two of them were actually starting to fall apart.

It had started with just one nail. But over time the ugliness spread until it covered four nails on one foot. Only the little toe was untouched.

I imagined then that it was only a matter of time before even that last nail succumbed. And then that would be the full set.

And, most likely, the fungus would find its way to the other foot… and I could watch those nails start to fall apart too.

Luckily, I managed to turn things around – and so I never had to wait and see if it would get any worse.

I was suffering from onychomycosis – nail fungus.

It looked bad, it felt bad – and as it got worse it even started to smell bad.

I felt unclean, contagious…I knew people noticed the state of my nails. So, I kept them hidden.

Doctors tried a range of remedies. A couple made a slight temporary difference. But the side-effects gave me headaches and diarrhea. Then I developed skin rash – which seemed almost ironic,

The nail fungus still grew anyway.

And that’s the problem with onychomycosis. Once you have it, it hangs on for dear life. Mine lasted 4 years. I really believed it’d never go.

And it’s not only that it looks horrible. It can also be a health nightmare.

As in… ulcers. Gangrene. At its worst… limb amputation.

I’m pretty relaxed mostly. I don’t worry unnecessarily about things. But do I want to risk those kinds of complications in my life?

Even if the chances are low… I mean, the people who lost a limb also thought the chances were low too. Look what happened to them.

I scoured the internet for ways to treat the illness. I tried some weird things over those years.

Yes, I fell for the cider vinegar trick! Most of us do…

But I ended up pretty stuck, to be honest. As the nail fungus spread from my third toe to my fourth toe I began to realize I could have this for the rest of my life.

Thankfully, I was wrong about that. Let me tell you what happened.

A couple of years ago when my nail fungus was at its worst I read a conversation in an online health forum I used to visit.

A woman was talking about her past battles with onychomycosis. She had taken a very different approach to treat her nail fungus – and the before-and-after photos she posted of beautiful, healthy nails showed she was onto something.

She learned this approach from a very well-respected natural health practitioner called Scott Davis. She posted a link to Scott’s onychomycosis program – which I clicked on immediately.

About 4 minutes later I had a copy of ‘Overcoming Onychomycosis’ in my email inbox. And what it taught me was not only fascinating – it was absolutely life-changing.

Scott Davis’ success in treating onychomycosis is due to the very different approach he takes.

Doctors mostly attack the fungus in the nail itself – either with creams or with oral medicines. Either way, their target is the fungus.

Which seems to make some sense. After all, the fungus is there, visible… just waiting to be dealt with.

Yet it turns out this isn’t the best way to address nail fungus at all.

And doctors already know this. That’s why they have a variety of treatment options to try out. Which is good business for the drug companies, but bad news for the patient.

Still, the medical profession accepts a failure rate for nail fungus treatment. Long years of experience have told them that medicines simply don’t work very well.

But why is this? Why doesn’t attacking the fungus itself actually deal with the fungus?

Because the fungus itself isn’t the real problem. The fungus is the result of the real problem.

And that problem – the actual reason we have nail fungus – starts off inside the body.

It’s a mistake to tackle the fungus itself when its cause is something else.

Unfortunately, that’s what doctors do. And that’s why something as simple as nail fungus so often refuses to shift.

But it’s this simple realization that explains Scott’s incredible results when it comes to treating nail fungus. And it explains why thousands of people – like me – have been so overjoyed with the results of following his advice!

Many, many people are exposed to the fungus that causes onychomycosis.

Yet many don’t get onychomycosis. Not even a hint of it.

Others… end up with years of discolored nails that start to crumble and smell bad.

Why do some people get the illness while others don’t?

The answer is: because some people’s immune systems fight off the fungus before it has a chance to get any kind of a hold on them.

While for others like me – and probably you too – the immune system simply wasn’t strong enough to fight it off.

So the fungus is able to take root in a nail – and it stays there. Usually for years.

In the time it finds its way across to the next nail.

And then to the next. And the next…

So, your onychomycosis is a sign that your immune system isn’t working properly.

If it was working properly it would fight off the infection. So, you wouldn’t have nail fungus.

So why is our immune system unable to resist nail fungus? What’s going wrong?

Well, the reason our immune system malfunctions ultimately come down to a single cause. And it’s in the gut.

I thought that was a bit odd too. But it actually makes sense. Consider this:

The human gut is home to trillions of bacterial cells made up of thousands of different species.

They’re not invaders, by the way. They’ve been with us since the dawn of time.

And they’re not freeloaders either. Far from it. Those little guys do some seriously heavy work for us.

They break down the food we eat into useable nutrients. We actually couldn’t get the nutrition out of our food if those bacteria weren’t there doing it for us.

They also produce vitamins and hormones (like the B vitamins).

They turn genes on or off.

They produce neurotransmitters like serotonin – our ‘feel good’ transmitter.

They speed up – or slow down – the metabolism.

They train the immune system. They help it become resilient and effective.

The way they do this is complex but the bottom line is really simple.

Some very specific gut bacteria are directly responsible for the effectiveness of your immune system.

I think of these fantastic gut bacteria as my ‘nail fungus bacteria’.

When these ‘nail fungus bacteria’ are in good shape they create a powerful, fully responsive immune system.

And a fully working immune system will confront that nail fungus head-on – and will beat it.

Remember: we have nail fungus because our ‘nail fungus bacteria’ are in bad shape. They are badly in need of help. I was able to give them, this help.

And once my ‘nail fungus bacteria’ were restored…. they got my immune system back online.

And my immune system kicked my nail fungus’s backside – hard. Which is exactly what I needed it to do!

We now understand the real, underlying cause of nail fungus.

And so, we get onychomycosis. And if we don’t tackle it in exactly the right way… we’ll likely have it for years.

Scott’s plan is simple. Get that ‘nail fungus bacteria’ back into shape first.

They’ll reset the immune system.

And the immune system will do what it should have done when the nail fungus first arrived.

Treating those struggling with ‘nail fungus bacteria’ is incredibly easy. In ‘Overcoming Onychomycosis’ Scott lays out the basic facts about nail fungus:

In his ‘Overcoming Onychomycosis’ program, Scott calmly steps through these facts about onychomycosis. He has designed a program that picks off each one of the real causes of persistent, ugly nail fungus.

And so he turns this obstinate condition into one that is, in fact, very easy to tackle.

Eating in a way that tackles nail fungus is much easier than I imagined.

Scott’s nail fungus strategy doesn’t require us to eat less – so thankfully there’s no portion control and no calorie-counting.

Nor did I have to give up all the stuff I like. I still eat cake with my coffee!

Scott knows that these ‘nail fungus bacteria’ simply need you to eat more of what they need to thrive – not less of what you enjoy.

Give them what they want for their wellbeing… and they’ll give you what you want for your nails.

That was my kind of a deal!

So, what does Scott’s program actually do?

The program covers a lot. But here’s the important points:

We can eat our way to a better outcome for our nails.

And forget rigid meal plans, inflexible diet regimes, and a miserable parade of salad after salad.

Instead, adopt some basic food principles, stick to the most of the time and…. just watch what happens to your nails!

Best of all, you can apply for Scott’s program in a way that’s most comfortable for you.

Start slowly and build up. Or if you’re impatient for results… go the whole hog from day one.

For me, 4 years of ugly, slowly rotting nails had caused me enough embarrassment and misery. I was in a hurry to deal with my nail fungus – so I jumped in with both feet.

I’m so glad I did – and if you could see my clean, beautiful nails now you’d know why!

If you’ve got onychomycosis – unsightly, gradually worsening nail fungus – then you probably fall into one of two categories:

– you’ve had it a short while but are worried you’ll have it for years – and you don’t want that

– you’ve had it a long time already – so you know you’re stuck with it for years. You don’t want that either…

In both cases you can do the best thing ever for yourself: start treating your nail fungus at its source. And start doing that now before it gets significantly worse.

It’s not difficult. And I was over-the-moon with the results. Every time I look at my nails I know I did the right thing.

And I’m one amongst several thousand users of the ‘Overcoming Onychomycosis’ program who are so glad we took action while we still could!

Ready to get started? You can have ‘Overcoming Onychomycosis’ in your inbox in about 3 minutes! Click here…

We now understand exactly why we end up with nail fungus.

A loss of those ‘nail fungus bacteria’ weakens our immune system – which they can’t fight off nail fungus. So, the nail fungus wins.

By tackling this underlying cause of nail fungus we’re tackling our nail fungus head-on. We’re scoring direct hits on a condition that is usually very difficult to shift.

Happily, gut bacteria respond positively to the right foods very quickly. And once the immune system gets going it’s unstoppable.

Which is very bad news for your nail fungus – but very good news for your nails!

Get ‘Overcoming Onychomycosis’ today and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Click here and it’ll be with you in minutes…

Onychomycosis won’t treat itself.

Not treating it – or not treating it adequately – has a clearly understood set of bad consequences.

At its mildest, it will spread to other nails. That’s exactly what happened to me. Started with one nail, ended up on four. Would have been all five nails if I had let it.

But worse than that, onychomycosis can lead to nastier complications.

What kind of complications? Well, bone and blood infections, gangrene, and foot ulcers to start with. But in the very worst cases, limb amputation is a realistic possibility.

Don’t wait to find out how bad it could get for you. In truth, it was the worst-case scenario that prompted me to find some other way of tackling this illness. Doctors weren’t succeeding. I needed something that would.

So do you. And here it is. Click here and get your copy of Onychomycosis in your inbox in about 3 minutes. You’ll be so glad you did!

Click here to get Toe Fungus vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

Toe Fungus vsl cb | Blue Heron Health News is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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